Sean & Sylvia MARCUS (Tulca, Romania)


The Tulca Foundation, organized by a retired couple, Sean & Sylvia Marcus, shows God’s love in very practical ways.

Casa Bucuriei (Happy House) is dedicated to educating Roma children, giving them skills and a sense of self-worth that will enable them to find jobs and contribute to society in the future. At the moment, the school is lacking a teacher.  Supervision is still offered, after state school, for homework help and play activities.

Presently, concentrating on those who have progressed to High School with support for supplies, transportation and clothing. A Diploma is needed to enter the driving test exams, to work in a factory or to obtain any secure form of employment.

New Firewood project – distribution to those in need, particularly widows.

“ Education is the only way out of extreme poverty.”


“Religion that God accepts as pure and faultless: to look after widows and orphans in distress…” –   James 1:27




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