Roman & Bozena BARANOWSKI (Lotz, Poland)

One4all is committed to reach as many as possible, primarily in Eastern Europe, with the message that one died for all. Roman uses church members to invite friends and neighbours to a restaurant meal which is something special in this culture. He tries to group individuals together with similar professions or interests. He shares the gospel and has others share their testimonies. The Alpha program is used as follow up with those who make a commitment.

Roman is a part-time Pastor of a Baptist church for at least two more years. He is finishing studies at Multnomah Biblical seminary. He is preparing to go into full time ministry with One4all.

Roman is an accredited member of Luis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance – ministries and Evangelists working together multiplying efforts to reach as many as possible for Jesus Christ.


“One message, One Savior because One died for all.”
2 Corinthians 5:14-15


“Pray that God will prepare me for what I will do in the future in the same way He has prepared me for what I am doing now.”



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