Mihai & Dana MICULA (Satu-Mare, Romania)

Mihai takes care of numerous churches in his community and surrounding area, which is one hour north of Oradea, Romania. He continues to build relationships in order to support and start new places of worship.

His incredible ministry “House of Hope” has grown to include 25 children, all adopted into his own family. “God heals their wounds and provides for their needs through us. It is not an easy work to do but it is a wonderful work!” He employs the help of caregivers, a cook, and drivers for transporting the large family.

Presently, 76 poor families receive humanitarian aid which is, in part, provided by members of the churches. The elderly and school aged children require the most help.

“We want to thank you with our grateful hearts for everything you’ve done for us and for bringing joy, love, peace and hope in the lives of others.”


“Together we are the partners in God’s ministry.”


“O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.” –  Psalm 139:1




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