Marinela MURG (Oradea, Romania)

Marinela Murg is the CEO of Emanuel Hospice, a medical and humanitarian aid organization.

The Emanuel Hospice offers physical, psychological, social and spiritual care to patients and their families. The team strives to bring comfort, dignity and a ray of hope to terminally ill adults and children in Romania. A Bereavement Camp is held every other summer.

Recently received an excellence award for pioneering Palliative Care in the North West of Romania. Marinela shared “My first thought of gratitude goes to the Life Giver, for the wonderful vocation He gave to those working in the Hospice and for the beautiful deeds He prepared so that we may serve, through them, the patients of our community.”

We are glad to inform you that in August 2015, the construction of the new Hospice Centre resumed. We are building it brick by brick. The total value of the construction and operation of the center for a one year period is estimated at 4.3 Million Euros. The need to raise funds continues.

“Pray  that our staff will have many opportunities to share the Good News of salvation with our patients, granting many the peace that comes from God.”  


“If we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.” –  1 John 5:14




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