Hervin & Sedika FUSHEKATI (Tirana, Albania)

Passion to see churches planted and people coming to faith in Jesus Christ throughout Albania.

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY AND LEADERSHIP – “In order to reach the next generation of a nation for Christ, we need to equip a future generation of leaders.”  Hervin Fushekati, Academic Dean ISTL

At ISTL students will learn to dive deeply into the Bible and to discover Godly principles and values. Their personal relationship with God will be strengthened as they learn to live a committed life. Their call will become more clear as they discover the character of God and live according to His power. This will help them to become more spiritual and effective leaders.


“God will do the extraordinary with ordinary people”

Pray, therefore the Lord of the harvest, to send workers into the harvest field.” – Luke 10:2


“Only in God and through Him could one insignificant conversion lead to so many changed lives and a glorious future.” – Hervin



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