Dimitry & Naomi NIKISHKIN (Taganrog, Russia)

Dmitry is part of The Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists.

Dmitry lives in south Russia, very close to the tension in the Ukraine. Things are very tough economically now as the cost of living increases. He has to look for an additional job to being the Pastor of a Church because much of the support that he receives comes from places that are suffering set backs as well. Good jobs can be found in Moscow or Korea but that would mean leaving the ministry and that is not something Dmitry and his family would consider.

Church meetings are conducted in a rented space. The congregation is praying for the purchase of their own premises. They have found a room that can be bought and they are willing to make any repairs on their own.

Sketch of proposed plans for church room.


NOTE: All correspondence with Dmitry comes through a faithful translator, Keith Murley.

“ I pray for the prayer support and assistance.”


“Pray without ceasing.” –  1 Thessalonians 5:17




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