Danny & Vera KURANJI (Novi Sad, Serbia)

“The year 2016 is very special for us. It was 30 years ago that we made a brave move and said goodbye to Canada with a desire, a dream, a vision to somehow, maybe, possibly, influence just one life. We still talk about that first one, and then another one … one by one, each miracle that led to the birth of a home group, a church, churches and many ministries.”

Involved in all aspects of the Rainbow Rehab Centre for men with drug and heroin addictions. For many years, Danny was the Pastor of Novi Sad Christian Fellowship church.

Many good works have evolved from this centre. A new site has opened in connection with a church in Temerin. Those in charge have finished the rehab program and they are excited that God can use them to help others. They are raising pigs and chickens and grow vegetables in a greenhouse providing food for the centre or to sell at the market. Also, a team of four men are stationed at Obrenovac and they are serving the Lord by helping the victims of the floods with humanitarian aid and rebuilding. House gatherings are used for sharing about the love of Christ. Vera is the leader and founder of a new centre for woman which opened just recently. She is already seeing lives changed in ways only God can do.



For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.” – Luke 19:10

“ Essential gifts speak the universal language of love.”

“Changed lives excite us!”

Published a book: ‘New Life’ in Serbia. A review reads: “They risked not for risks’ sake, but for Jesus’ sake, the sake of the Gospel and the love of people.”





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