Florin & Lidia, DAN (Oradea, Romania)

Florin came from an occultist family with an abusive father. He was able to escape this life and came to understand the love of a Heavenly Father. He gave his life to Christ and felt called to ministry work.

Florin Dan is the Pastor of Ceica Community Church and his wife, Lidia is a Hospice nurse. He helps to run many churches and gives guidance and instruction to new leaders.

Florin ministers to an often difficult group of people in Romania, the Roma or Gypsy population. They are a challenge to reach because of their strong cultural system. It is hard to change their hearts and minds towards the Gospel. He travels to where the Roma are living, which changes frequently, and shows them the love of God through preaching and humanitarian aid.

Florin hosts a camp every summer which attracts children from non-Christian homes and he is able to introduce them to the Gospel for the first time. These children are able to bring home all that they have learned about Jesus and His love to their families.

“Pray that I will be able to gain trust in the Roma communities.”

“The ministry to children is wonderful and necessary!”


“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” –  Mark 12:31



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