Bera & Mirjana DUSAN (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Bera grew up with a mother who blamed the church for her hard childhood. Bera went through periods of alcoholism and depression during his teenage years. He joined the Army where he received a package of Christian pamphlets from a friend and as a result, was led to give his life to Christ.

Pastor of Novi Sad Christian Fellowship church. Encouraged to experience continued growth and strength in many areas. Bera is also invited to speak at varied engagements so his calendar is always full.

New Stream is the newest program at the church and the participants use The Arts as tools for communicating the Gospel.

Involved with the progress and recovery of the men at the Rainbow Rehab Centre for addicts.  Also promoting “Its IN to be Clean”, a new Drug Abuse Prevention Program.

Participates in Summer Camp Ministry for children, teenagers, Scouts, youth and the men from the Rainbow Centre.

“Lots of Activities, challenges and blessings”

Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.” – Jude 1:21


“Pray that Novi Sad be a nursery garden of churches, leaders and Christians. Let revival start from us – a revival that will bring a new life to people around us. God, you are the one who makes everything new.”



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